30 Day App Challenge

Update: This challenge started on 20 October 2014 and ended 19 November 2014.

I would like to challenge myself to write a mobile app in 30 days. After the 30 days are up I want to publish it to the App Store. If you would like to join me on this challenge or would like to see my progress, read on.

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Updates will be sent via mailing list (see below) and on twitter
Github: http://github.com/bholdt/appchallenge


When will the challenge start?
20 October 2014

Can I join the challenge by creating my own app too?
That would be great! Easiest would be to post a comment here, or reply to the ionic forum post. If you have a blog or twitter account where you will update your progress add it as well.

How much time will you spend on this?
I will work on the app for an average of an hour a day. That’s not an awful lot of time. But it’s an experiment as well, to see how much can be achieved given those time limits.

What app will you be creating?
I will post my idea on the first day when the challenge starts

Why make this a public challenge?
I have had this goal for a while now and have not had the courage to go ahead with it. Making this challenge a public one, will motivate me to actually go ahead and ship it. And sometimes one just needs that extra kick in the bee-hind.

Will this app be sold for lots of money on the App Store?
I will never say no to lots of cash, BUT my primary aim is to ship an app and to learn from the process of creating it. Marketing and selling an app is not part of this challenge.

What if you fail horribly?
Hopefully it will help anyone reading this afterwards, and me, to avoid the same failures.

What framework are you going to use?
I will be using the Ionic framework. Why? I am familiar with HTML and javascript, whereas ObjectiveC and Swift are all new to me. Plus ionic comes with a whole lot of stuff out of the box, which I will need to get shipping fast.

Where can I read about updates?
I will post updates on this blog, on twitter, on the ionic forum, and via this mailing list (sign up below if you are interested).