Setup Dev Environment for Ionic

TL;DR: use the guide here to get Ionic up and running on your machine

Setting up your computer to develop for mobile apps is a bit of a process. There are so many dependencies that need to be installed. That’s why I really appreciate that the ionic team has made and is continuing to make the on boarding process easy.

Here are a couple of options to get you on your way.

Manual Installation

Follow the guidelines how to install it on your machine on the ionic website. I used these guidelines both on a windows machine, using Visual Studio and Telerik App Builder, and on my Mac.

When developing on my Mac, I tend to just use the exact guidelines as posted by the ionic team.

If you are using Visual Studio and Telerik App Builder, download one of the starter templates from the github repo, create a new telerik app builder project, add the folder to the project and you should be good to go. Telerik App Builder.

If you are having troubles getting started, it’s a good idea to look on the ionic forum, post a question. I have found the ionic community to be very helpful!


If you don’t want to install all the dependencies that ionic needs, you can make use of ionic-box. In summary, ionic-box contains everything you need to develop in a vagrant box. Once you have vagrant and virtual box installed all you need to do is boot up vagrant (vagrant up from the command line) and you are good to go.
The source and instructions on how to get started can be found on the github project page.

Next Task: writing some HTML for the first few screens.