Time, time, time

This post is part of the 30 day app challenge: I am building a mobile treasure hunt app using the Ionic Framework.

“I am just so busy at work at the moment.” “I am too tired for this”. “I need to spend time with my family.” “I need to contribute to other Open Source projects” “So many things to do, not enough time left”. “If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing it right and I can’t do it now.”

All true and all thoughts that have gone through my head in the last two weeks. There is so much I want to throw into this app, so many design ideas and features I have in mind. So what do I do?

Here are my options:

A) Throw more money at it
With services like odesk, freelancer.com I could easily outsource this problem. Freelancers are amazing now and will get it done quickly for me. I can get all the features delivered in no time. They aren’t that expensive either.

B) Do it all, fast!
I could still complete all the features I had in mind. The screenshots would look great in the app store. All the features I had in mind would be showcased. The only sacrifice I would have to make is that the product would be useable only some of the time. Bugs are not a priority.

C) Screw the schedule
Who said 30 days? 30 days? Nothing can be done in that time. I will secretly extend this time to 40 60 days. That ought to fix it.

D) Just give up
I could just throw in the towel at this point. Enough. I have learnt what I needed to. Next project.

The answer: KISS

What’s the right answer here? Every option is very appealing. And I have probably thought of using each one of them at various points.

But for me the actual answer is answer E. Yes the one that’s not listed above: It’s KISS.

Keep it Simple. really, really, really Simple.

For me this means throwing out all the super cool features I had in mind, and making the app only do the most essential things. Anything that is not serving this purpose or that is a nice-to-have, is not part of this 30 day challenge.

What’s was the actual goal with this challenge?

For me, it is to learn more about Ionic and to have fun while learning it. I also wanted to see what I can deliver within these extreme time constraints in 30 days.

When daily life keeps me busy and my own high demands and wanting to impress thoughts keep knocking on my door, it’s easy to lose sight of what I set out to do. Reminding myself about my initial goals: fun and learning, puts this whole challenge into perspective again.